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Situated southwest of Dallas is the thriving city of DeSoto. It's one of the oldest in North Texas. Since it was settled in the mid-19th century, Desoto remained a one-horse town until the post-war years when an effort to improve the water distribution system led the town to incorporate. They’ve never looked back. Buying homes in DeSoto TX today is a great idea.

An imaginative new government annexed a dozen acres by 1953 and started building houses. Real Estate in DeSoto TX has been growing ever since. This expansion has been marked in recent years by the development of a City Center, a business park that also includes government buildings like the city hall, library, Chamber of Commerce and recreational center.

Today, DeSoto has grown from a settlement of 50 people to a thriving community of over 50,000, with city parks, an arts commissioner, a popular theater and many hotels and restaurants. Homes for sale in DeSoto TX have never been a better investment. Contact a DeSoto TX Realtor.

In 2006, DeSoto was honored as an All American City for its exemplary grass roots problem solving. Residents enjoy gospel, Jazz and classical music concerts like the Desoto Latin Festival annually. DeSoto has many activities like golf and BMX racing. First time home buyers in DeSoto TX will find plenty to be interested in here.

DeSoto Community DeSoto is located at the crossroads of the Dallas to Shiloh road and Lancaster to Cedar Hills Park road. Only 17 miles from downtown Dallas, DeSoto is a growing suburb with a close-knit community. Real Estate in DeSoto TX is a great buy. Many residents know each other from garage sales and BMX races, creating an ideal place to live or raise a family. Buying homes in DeSoto TX never looked so good. Call a DeSoto TX Realtor.

DeSoto’s active citizens lend the place its sense of comfort and security and that extends to Properties in DeSoto TX. It’s nice to be part of such an aware community. Use this website to explore the city’s options and attractions, and start your DeSoto TX Real Estate search today.

DeSoto Attractions Along with the rich history of DeSoto comes the city's art shows, theater productions and community activities. The city celebrates numerous events throughout the year. The Martin Luther King Jr. celebration kicks it off, followed by a Daddy and Daughter Valentine celebration and an Easter Eggstranvaganza. There’s the hip-hop summit later in the summer and the annual Powder Puff Football game. The local high school girls play flag football and the guys dress up like cheerleaders. There’s music in the Park all summer long as musicians light it up all around DeSoto. This is a great time to consider homes for sale in DeSoto TX. Contact a DeSoto TX Real Estate Agent today.

Whether it is a parade or a new park, residents of DeSoto work every day to enhance the quality of life in their unique town. First time home buyers in DeSoto TX can start their search today to come enjoy all that DeSoto homes have to offer. If people are thinking about Properties in DeSoto TX, they should use this website to check out featured DeSoto homes, search for DeSoto TX Real Estate and find out about local schools and more. For expert assistance, contact Donna Lasater today.

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